we are open!

Dear friends,

These are tough times, and you may be wondering how the Strowis is faring in these circumstances. 

At Strowis we run with a collective decision making process, and we've unanimously decided to stay open, but also to #staysafe; taking on the rules instituted by the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) and our own measures to keep our guests and staff safe.

Because of the Covid-19, which is an absolute bummer, we have to send you some new information (new house rules & lodging agreement) before or after you make a booking. By doing so we fight this virus together. This means that you can not show up without a confirmed reservation, unfortunately.

It will be hard for Strowis to survive in this crazy world we are facing now. But optimism and support make a difference.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Meanwhile you can support us in many ways. Check our updates. We start a crowdfunding plan in upcoming weeks!

Even now we can manage a community in our building, like we did during the last 21 years. And Utrecht is awesome to hang around!

It is important as ever that we take care of each other and build community support networks. Remember that though there is a distance between us, you are all very close to our hearts. Be safe, be responsible, stay healthy. And although it makes sense to stay home, visit us!

Love you. All.

~Hostel Strowis staff