sunday afternoon concert series

Concerts in the beautiful and cozy garden

What could be better than spending your Sunday afternoon in the beautiful surroundings of the Strowis garden or living room to enjoy acoustic performances, along with friends and a drink in your hands? Join us during the Strowis Sunday Afternoon Concerts with two music acts per edition, absolutely free, in the center of Utrecht.

The programming consists of two acts. The first act starts at four o'clock in the afternoon, the second act at five o'clock and afterwards visitors can stick around for a vegan meal. A reservation for diner is required via

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Sring 2018 Concert Series


Summer 2017 Concert Series

Past events:

Winter 2017 Concert Series

Summer 2016 Concert Series

Pop-up Concerts 2016

19-6: Morning Daze, Whitley SD & FT y sus Chamanes, 12-5: Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women's Group (Kenya), 29-4: Kyle Woolard, The Anatomy of Frank, 26-4: Jacob de Berker + Find Us In Slumberland, 20-4: Teemu Markkula, Death Hawks, 20-3: Thijs Heij + G.W. Sok, 19-3: Apparatschik, 28-2: The Star Pillow + Franco Turchetti

Winter 2016 Concert Series